Ultimate Pirates

Become a
Pirate King and sail the Seven Seas!


RTS in the Golden Age of Piracy

  • Land ahoy! Put together a powerful fleet and build a pirate paradise to call your own!
  • Your crew can’t survive on rum alone – keep an eye on your supplies.
  • Sail under the jolly roger and loot treasure and resources!
  • Defend your coasts – yer townsfolk will be grateful, arrr!

Sail for Glory and Booty!

  • Prepare to board the scurvy sea dogs, Captain! Win sea battles with cunning strategies.
  • Yo-ho-ho! Ally with your comrades and send yer foes to the inky depths.
  • Everything from mangy merchants to eight-tentacled monsters – you could meet ANYTHING out there on the deep blue.
  • Keep yer ships up to speed, hone yer weapons and conquer the seven seas!

Ships, Silver, Sea Battles – Become a Pirate King!

Avast ye landlubbers – there be work to do! Discover countless maps, battle yer enemies and show ‘em all the way to Davy Jones’ locker!

Hoist the Sails, Strike up a Sea Shanty and Cast Away!

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